For seventy years the communist world had to live without Christmas. Lessons in leadership demand since Roman times bread and circuses for the people, so Soviet leaders thought:

let’s give the people a Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve. I wouldn’t say it is devoid of logic. buy bns gold And not only do Russians have their Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve, since 1975 they also can enjoy a very charming television film called Enjoy Your Bath!. bns gold bns gold It is annually broadcasted nationwide in millions and millions of Russian living rooms. buy ffxiv items buy ffxiv gold bns gold The story is about 34 year old Zhenya who is going to spend his New Years Eve with his fiancée. But while having a traditional bath together with friends in a public bathing house in the afternoon he gets drunk. cheap bns gold ffxiv items By a strange sequence of occurrences Zhenya ends up in exactly the same neighborhood, in exactly the same apartment building in exactly the same street, in exactly the same apartment as his own, but in Leningrad in stead of his hometown Moscow. cheap ffxiv items buy bns gold Confusion, complications, new unexpected developments. cheap bns gold buy bns items buy ffxiv items It is nice melodrama with a touch of melancholy. bns gold cheap ffxiv gold The film is also liked for its poetical music. The songs were dubbed by Sergei Nikitin and Alla Pugacheva, a famous pop diva without equals in Russia. buy bns gold cheap bns items In this clip – not from the film – we see a young and stout Alla Pugacheva performing a song from the film: Mne nravitsya… (I Like…).