When you ask Balkan people where you can find the Balkan soul, Balkan people will answer: kafana. New Balance Soldes Kafana means

something like café, but it’s not merely a place to drink and socialize. Mochilas Kanken Big It is a way of life. The word is Turkish – well, when you start explaining Balkan soul, you need Turkish words. Nike air max pas cher There is no sense in trying to explain kafana culture here. Solde adidas zx flux Better watch this clip from Aleksandar Petrovic’ film Skupljaci Perja (’Feather Gatherers’), also known as I Even Met Happy Gypsies, in 1967 awarded with the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival. It is a powerful and cruel scene, not meant for the younger or weak hearted visitors of this site, and it doesn’t explain anything. hogan outlet It only shows. The film is about the moral codes of Roma life in the Serbian province Vojvodina. kanken baratas Main actor is the Yugoslavian Alain Delon from Albanian descent called Bekim Fehmiu. Topsinger and actress Olivera Katarina is singing the Gypsy classic Delem Delem.